About me

I have over 12 years of experience on the entire software development life-cycle. From product vision, specification, architecture and design to development, implementation, security, QA, release management and maintenance.

I can help manage your team and help them deliver those critical projects on schedule. For this I always suggest a lean and agile way of project management and product development.

When it is time to talk to management or key project stakeholders my excellent communication and interpersonal skills are a true plus. During my career I have reported to management, relayed strategic vision to boards and implemented projects on an organizational level.

If you're interested you can find my complete CV below. I have a LinkedIn profile you can check.


Sinax - Freelance Solution Architect

Under the brand name Sinax I'm available for freelance consulting projects as a Solution Architect. I help companies develop, deploy and maintain software. Using my experience I guide startups on their technological choices, create Proof of Concept architectures and offer training and guidance for your product teams.

Dewaele Vastgoedgroep - CIO / CTO

I'm also working as CIO / CTO for Dewaele Vastgoedgroep, Belgiums largest network of wholy owned real estate brokers. My responsibility is to design and implement digital innovation for the entire group. Our internally developed ERP application is supporting the day to day operations of all real estate brokers in the group. It is my job to design the product architecture, manage the development team and guide the external partners towards many succesful projects.

multimon.io - Founder & CTO

multimon.io is a startup I'm working on that aims to create an innovative monitoring platform to monitor your websites, applications and technology stacks. I can't really say much more about it, but keep an eye on multimon.io for more information.

Technical skills

If you're interested in my technical skills, you can see the technologies I'm familiar with below. I choose to leave out technologies I'm not very good with but I consider myself an extremely quick learner and so I can pick up any new technologies pretty fast.


My cloud of choice is Amazon Web Services, I'm actually a certified AWS Solution Architect and AWS Developer. Some of the AWS technologies I'm most familiar with are

I am very familiar with various containerization technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift.

Development and Architecture

When it comes to development and software architecture I am well experienced in

Modern Agile Development is best done using Continuous Integration / Deployment, for this I really like using

Operating systems

Programming languages

I'm very proficient in Python, Java and know my way around C#, C/C++. For these language

I have a high level overview of programming in and technology stacks surrounding: