By Michael Anckaert - published on - posted in General

A couple of days ago I opened to the public. It's a bookmarking service I have been working on for a couple of weeks, so a very new and fun project for me to work on. It has a clean and simple design and respects user privacy. The goal of is to allow you to bookmark interesting information, allow you to quickly find that information at a later time, and just stay out of your face in all other cases.

While it is a work in progress and some features are rough around the edges, it's a functional service today. I wanted to release it early to get as much feedback as possible. The development of is going pretty strong, the public changelog will give you an idea of the new features and changes that I keep on making.

What defines trackr.shy? Well first of all my goal is to create a very minimalistic service. The service itself should be as out of your face as possible. You're not using the service, you're simply passing by on your way to content and information you want to bookmark. This means a fast and lightweight interface with plenty of content density.

There are a lot of competing services out there, so you're probably wondering why on earth would I spend my time working on something like this. Well first of all because it's fun and secondly because I believe we need more sustainable, basic services like this that don't rely on the user squandering his or her privacy. If you want to read more about what I think is a sustainable online service, read my article on Why you should pay for online services and platforms. currently has a number of interesting features:

As you can see the features are limited and I don't really intend to add many more. The scope of is clear to me and adding more features will only cause bloat, feature creep and less focus on the core functionality of the product.

If you like to try the service please give it a go and send me your ideas and comments.