People evolve, so does this blog

By Michael Anckaert - published on - posted in General

These are some thoughts regarding blogging, writing articles and maybe even polarization on the internet and other media.

I really like the discussions that happen over on Hacker News. The people are friendly, often like minded and all have a technical mindset. A thing that's hugely different is that during discussions on HN, people learn from others, change their opinions and are open and honest about it.

How this relates to the internet and media in general is quite interesting. I was writing a new article and was debating if it was ready enough to publish it already. The article in question had a number of personal opinions and views in it. I felt that by publishing the article I was sort of committing myself, to eternity, to support those opinions. But I couldn't do that, I like to learn, I like to evolve and grow as a person. Sure I might have an opinion today and write about it. But releasing that opinion on the world, via a blog article for example, doesn't entail that I can't learn from feedback on that article, and perhaps change my opinion!

So here, as a general disclaimer, don't take what I write as absolute views. I'm open to learn and change my points of views.