I passed the RHCSA exam!

By Michael Anckaert - published on - posted in RHCA

Last Tuesday (December 15h, 2020) I took EX200V8K, the RCHSA exam. With about half an hour to spare I informed the proctor I was finished. About half an hour later I received an email with my exam results: I passed the RHCSA (EX200) exam! My final score was 270/300 :-)

I'm pretty pleased about my score as well, I got full marks on all objectives except the "Managing containers" objective:

    Understand and use essential tools: 100%
    Operate running systems: 100%
    Configure local storage: 100%
    Create and configure file systems: 100%
    Deploy, configure and maintain systems: 100%
    Manage users and groups: 100%
    Manage security: 100%
    Manage containers: 0%

Though I passed I'm a bit sad I messed up on the final objective and didn't achieve a perfect score. I thought I had the final objective nailed. I've since then tried the question again in my lab but can't find a better / other way to approach the problem.

How I prepared

I don't want to call myself a Linux expert but I have been working with Linux for over 20 years now. I was quite confident in my abilities and didn't spend much time preparing for the exam. A couple of days before my deadline I picked up some materials by Sander van Vugt and reviewed some topics I was less sure about, mainly stratis and vdo.

The new objective Managing containers confused me a bit at first: Docker is the de facto standard when it comes to managing containers but with RHEL8 Docker is no longer supported by Red Hat. The new podman command is now used to managed OCI compliant containers on RHEL8. Fortunately, you can very easily map concepts and commands between docker and podman, making the transition quite easy.

The exam contents

Due to the NDA I can't disclose any details about the exam contents. The objectives listed by Red Hat for the RHCSA are spot on and correctly tell you what you should know. As mentioned above I reviewed some of the materials by Sander van Vugt and besides that it was all practice, practice, practice.

The remote exam

It hasn't been long that Red Hat has been offering the RHCSA (and other) exams with a remote option. The entire experience was real nice how ever. The exam proctor was very helpful in getting everything setup (making sure your webcam is pointing correctly, doing room security scans, etc) and I didn't experience any technical difficulties.

Next steps

I'll be taking the RHCE exam (EX294) somewhere in the first couple of months of 2021. Since RHEL8 the focus of the RHCE is now automation with Ansible. I've been using Ansible for a couple of years now so I don't expect much difficulty in obtaining my RHCE certification. I'm actually pretty excited to get started and have already started prepping a schedule to prepare for EX294.