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Skills - Certifications - Experience

I have over 14 years of experience in a wide range of fields. I am a very senior profile that has tons of experience in software development, architecture, cloud technologies and business analysis. This page contains my full resume: my current and up to date skills, my current positions and my past experiences.


Cloud Platforms and Infrastructure

I'm a certified AWS Solution Architect and AWS Developer.

Scripting and Automation

Software Development and Architecture

I am familiar with the following programming languages:

When it comes to development and software architecture I have very good experience creating and designing:


I have excellent knowledge of relational database systems and related technologies such as

Operating systems


I choose to obtain a couple of certifications to display my commitment to certain technologies & platforms.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate AWS Certified Developer Associate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Red Hat Certified System Administrator


Sinax - Freelance Cloud Solution Architect / Devops Engineer

Under the brand name Sinax I work with companies that build software and digital platforms. As a trusted advisor I help them build the correct strategy, design the architecture and grow their technical teams.

Dewaele Vastgoedgroep - CIO / CTO

As CIO/CTO I am responsible for building the digital strategy of the organization and directing the company towards our goal. It is my responsibility to identify new opportunities for the digital strategy of Dewaele Vastgoed and implement that strategy across the organization.

With the software development team we build innovative software solutions for our internal customers, partners and business customers. Using an agile methodology we work closely with the business and key stakeholders to identify issues, opportunities and deliver great software solutions.

With Dewaele Vastgoedgroep I help a team of software developers create and maintain our custom ERP/CRM application. It is the main software application used by the business and supports all real estate broker activities for the company. We support a multi office structure with many hundreds of users and constantly deliver new features in an agile manner.

Build8 - Founder & CTO

A couple of months ago I launched Build8, a startup that is building a new set of Developer Tools to enhance DX (Developer Experience).

Part of our offering is a CI/CD pipeline product that allows developers to run custom CI/CD pipelines using containers. - Founder & CTO is a startup I'm worked on that aims to create an innovative monitoring platform to monitor your websites, applications and technology stacks.

In 2020 our MVP version of our technology was bought by an interested company and is currently being developed further for a custom in house monitoring solution for IOT devices.